Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A little haul: MAC, New Look, Boots.

Hi everyone! Today I have a little haul (and I mean little) for you all, showing you all the bits I picked up recently. I feel like a few of the bits I picked up are really Christmas/New Year orientated... I just cannot wait.

First thing I picked up was the original Tangle Teezer. I feel like I am late on the band wagon for this product, but I absolutely love it! When this came out, I didn't really want to buy it because I just thought it was a regular hair brush. Oh, how I was wrong. I have thin, medium-long length hair, which always gets tangled. If I don't brush it for a day, it gets really dreadlocky. I used to use any old brush to take out my tangles, but after using the Tangle Teezer, I could really tell how damaging that was to my hair. The Tangle Teezer glides through my hair, whilst taking out the knots, and leaves my hair tangle free! Love it!

I picked up "Currant" lip pencil from Mac, which was definitely enabled by Sunbeamsjess. She wore this in this video, underneath Topshop's Depth (which I also have), so I kind of had to get it! It is a dark purple colour, which is great to layer underneath my dark lipsticks! Quite excited to wear it for the party season!

I love a good old slogan tee. This one is from New Look, and I love it! This basically represents my life and I love the monochrome look to it! I can tell that I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this top!

Another purchase inspired by Sunbeamsjess. She has absolutely amazing style! In one of her videos, she was wearing this top (but in turquoise) from Topshop, which I absolutely love! However, I am so broke so I couldn't really buy the real deal. When I spotted this top in New Look, (for £9.99!), I thought of Jess and had to get it! I cannot wait to wear it to any Christmas/New Year Party! (All I need is a party to go to! Any offers?)

So, that is what I got from my trip to the shops! Which is your favourite? 


  1. I've heard really good things about Tangle Teezers, but I need to try it!

    Anika May // UK Fashion & Style Blog

  2. That current lip pencil looks lovely! May have to purchase one for myself! xx


  4. your sparkly top is so cute and I adore the header of your blog,It's amazing! xx

  5. Hi, nice blog by the way! This is the first time I have heard of the tangle tease. Honestly if I did see it, I would not have got it...but as you mentioned it I might just go and pick one up, I spent an hour last weekend detangling my nieces hair just to do plats on it.

    1. Also be sure to check out my blog for all things, fashion make up and life and it's little problems...I have just started it so would appreciate the support from other bloggers x

  6. Great post!Love your blog,it's very pretty!
    xoxo antonella